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Jaap Klein

Former director at the University of Amsterdam.


Honorary Researcher Palaeontology at Naturalis Biodiversity Center (the Netherlands)


Vice Chair Lower Cretaceous Ammonite Working Group, the 'Kilian Group', part of the IUGS Subcommission on Cretaceous Stratigraphy:


Advisor Science Communication:

General Secretary World Association of Medical and Health Films.
Expert European Commission; Member of the International Association of Media in Science (IAMS); Member of the Scientific Committee VideoSalud, Habana, Cuba;  Member of the Scientific Committee of Videomed Badajoz, Spain; Member of the Scientific Committee of Videomed Cordoba, Argentina.

Demmerik 12, 3645 EC, Vinkeveen, the Netherlands.
Chemin Du Thuve 429, 04700, Oraison, France.

   Fellini, Mingus, Miro, Mediterranean, Wine, Basenji's, Pottery, Travel, Trout, Tango, Fossil Digging, Patagonia, Painting, Nature, Ammonites, Science Film, Books, Karel Appel.. + ??